About Us

What is a Maker?  We are Craftsmen, Engineers, Artists, Scientists, Machinists, Coders, Technicians, Consultants, Pilots, Journeymen, Masters, and Dreamers. 

Our company was founded to support academic and aerospace research with wind tunnel models, scientific apparatus, and scale flight test models.  Over the years we expanded to develop and manufacture Unmanned Aircraft and “High End” Recreational Model Aircraft.,

Aviation Milestones

In the mid 1990’s, several of our more sophisticated recreational models enjoyed dual purpose as R&D tools. One was a 1/7th scale F-22 Raptor which was used to develop Neural Network Flight Control Algorithms.  Iron Bay earned this opportunity by being the first in history to build and fly turbine powered scale F-16 Falcon’s and F-22 Raptor’s.\\

The image on the left shows the rough airframe of our 1/7th scale F-22 prototype.  This raw structure weighs less than 17 pounds yet withstands aggressive aerobatic loads with a full payload.

High strength/low mass was achieved through a composite blending of fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar, foam, and aramid honeycomb.  

The image above displays another of our F-22 Raptors,

this one painted and detailed for museum display.

This image was taken during a high-speed fly.  The flight was performed in a remote mountain valley of West Virginia.


On the left is a video of this aircraft recorded during a 1996-1997 project:  


Creativity and leadership resulted in development of new products, increased capabilities, and acquisition of competitors.  Thus Iron Bay positioned itself as an unmatched resource for prototyping, proof-of-concept, testing, training, and low cost production of Unmanned Aircraft for Defense, Commercial, and Recreational markets.

As Unmanned Aircraft gain operational acceptance in FAA controlled airspace, you can count on Iron Bay to lead the industry.  The FAA used our 2001 paper, Guidelines for Domestic Operation of UAS, to develop initial 0perational rules.

We look forward to discussing your needs and answering your questions.  If the conversation advances to the next level, we we typically execute Mutual NDA’s to protect each party.    

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