Design Consulting

Pragmatic ingenuity, that’s us. 

Our single greatest skill is the ability to envision efficient design then transform into complimentary, real-world systems. 

When you look outside the box for your next innovation, that’s where you’ll find us…

…we never bothered to get in the box.

Manufacturing Disciplines

Advanced Composite Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Expanded Foam Molding

Vacuum Thermoforming

Rotational Molding

CNC Machining


Assembly and

Systems Integration

Laser Cutting

Casting and Potting

Tool and Die Creation

CNC Foam Wire Cutting

Airframe Background

Fixed Wing

Rotary Wing




High speed

Low Speed

Long Duration

High Agility


  • Rotary Wing

Scale F-22 Raptor, Neural Network Development Project, 1996-1997

Propulsion Background

Design and Manufacture of:

Reciprocating Engines; Gasoline,

Diesel, and Alcohol fuel

Turbine Engines; Propane, JP-a, JP-8

Brushless Electric Motors

Hybrid Engines

Propeller Blade Optimization

Exhaust and sound Attenuation

Fuel Delivery Regulation

Auto-Fuel Mixture Control

Flow Bench Testing

Engine Dyno Testing (0-750 HP)

Flight Operations

When it comes to high performance unmanned and miniature aircraft, Iron Bay has extensive operational experience pioneering new and unusual aircraft.

We offer contract piloting, flight testing, and training programs for Commercial and Defense sectors.  Our aerial imaging operations include high definition cinematic quality commercial platforms and support for production and events.

Every UAV project has different needs.

Our purpose is to support your program with the best solution at each stage of development, production, testing, training, and deployment. 

We look forward to a conversation to discuss your needs and answer your questions.  If the conversation advances to the next level, we we typically execute Mutual NDA’s to protect each party.

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